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Not All Power Steering Fluids Are Created Equal

Source: Not All Power Steering Fluids Are Created Equal

Electronic Stability Control

Shocks and struts are critical for vehicles equipped with Electronic Stability Control. Late model vehicles’ new high-tech, life-saving crash-prevention technolgy depends on good ride control. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) can save up to 10,000 lives and prevent 238,000 injuries per year (U.S. statistics). Nearly a third of all 2005 light-duty vehciles, half of 2007’s, and almost all

R45 Software Release for your TPMS Tool

Schrader® Adds New 433 MHz Coverage to EZ-sensor™ Line New 433 MHz EZ-sensor Offers Additional Coverage Across United States, Asia-Pacific and European Platforms DENVER, Colo. (August 29, 2011) – Schrader®, a pioneer and leading global manufacturer of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), today announced an addition to the company’s EZ-sensor program, the 433 MHz EZ-sensor. In


Introducing TechSmart™. TechSmart™ by SMP® is an exciting new brand of enhanced engine control products developed for the professional service technician. TechSmart™ was designed to help the technician with new technology parts, new categories, and problem-solving improvements to original equipment product issues. eStreak_TechSmart – Smart Solutions for Today’s Technicians

NEW HD MIxed Fleet Antifreeze

NOW INSTOCK AND AVAILABLE AT A GREAT PRICE! TURBO POWER® Heavy Duty Mixed Fleet Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is based on a proprietary Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT). It has been specifically designed for complete mixed fleet use and can be used in all makes and models of foreign and domestic passenger vehicles, light duty and

Not All Power Steering Fluids Are Created Equal

Source: Not All Power Steering Fluids Are Created Equal

FMSI Automotive Hardware Sold Here!

FMSI specializes in some hard to find automotive hardware and most of it can be found here..

if you go to their website the latest versions of their catalogues can be downloaded and you can even search by descriptions.

Make it much easier to determine what part you need.


Schumacher Batteryless Booster Packs – In stock

450 – 800A Ultracapacitor
Batteryless Jump Starters


A jump starter that you don’t have to remember to maintain, keep charged or plugged in every time you use it.

No battery inside
100% maintenance-free
Microprocessor controlled
10,000 cycle/10-year lifespan
Built-in voltmeter
Override Mode to start engine without any battery mounted
Glow Mode for cold start of diesel engine
Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
3 ways to use:
Connect clamps to vehicle battery
Connect to vehicle’s 12V DC port
Connect to a power bank via Micro-USB port (cable not included)

Can even typically harness enough power from a weakened battery to provide a boost or easily from another good batter in less than 2 minutes, about 3.5 minutes from 12 volt socket!



Dorman Washer Nozzles Now In Stock

Nozzles are sold in pairs or if your a shop you can order the tech Tray to save some money and get great coverage!

The tray includes the most commonly used wiper nozzles for a complete and convenient repair.

Replacement inventory sold in pairs for a fraction of the cost of the OE.

  • Direct replacement for a proper fit every time
  • Cost-efficient and time-saving alternative to purchasing components separately
  • Plug and Play, for easy installation
  • This part has undergone Vehicle Try-on testing to meet product standards

FCS Complete Strut Assemblies


Engineered to restore a vehicle’s original ride, handling & control. The Complete Assembly unit is easier & faster to install than traditional struts. No spring compressor is required. The FCS Strut Assembly is engineered to meet & exceed O.E. quality. The components and valving are designed specifically for each car, truck, van, minivan or SUV application. The precisely calibrated valving combinations are individualized for each application to best simulate OE ride and feel.

Great pricing, coverage and warranty !

Sylvania ZEVO LED




  • Bright White LED 6000K
  • 5 year warranty
  • Matches HID and LED Systems