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Complete Strut Assemblies (Quick Struts) – The safe choice.

When looking at installing struts on your vehicle to replace worn components complete strut assemblies are the smart choice. For most do-it-yourselfers they do not have all of the equipment needed to disassemble a vehicle strut safely, and we cannot stress how import and dangerous a task this is without the proper equipment.

Vehicle strut coils springs are under a tremendous load and taking apart a strut should only be done with a proper coils spring compressor tool. Without it you stand the risk of sever injury to yourself and damage to your vehicle or property.

This is why we have such a large selection on complete strut assemblies available at very competitive prices that allow you complete this task with the hardest part already done for you.

By replacing all the worn components of the strut assembly, you are also providing the best solution to restore the ride performance handling characteristics to your vehicle in the safest manner.

Keep in mind that in almost every case both struts should be replaced at the same time as well so that both sides of the vehicle handle in the same fashion, otherwise you could solve one problem but create another by reusing an older worn strut.

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